Cackles is a member of the Melbourne skinheads. He is around 22 years old, and he has many tattoos of ants on the right side of his head. He is played by Dan Wyllie.

In the film.Edit

He is first seen attacking the vietnamese children that were skating in the subway station at the start of the film. He plays the main role when they go to Gabe's highly afluent father's house to steal stuff, so they could get money to buy guns. He and Sonny Jim are very drunk at this point, looking for alcohol in the cabinets. They're also believed to be best friends, as they get drunk together and Cackles hits Sonny with a broom in a joking way. Hando scolds him for dropping one of the stolen items that they were going to sell. After Martin unties himself from the toilet that was broken by a statue Gabrielle threw, he gets his gun and tries to kill the skinheads, but they flee the house in the car they've wrecked, leaving the stuff that they stole in the other car. After they arrive at the warehouse, Hando gets into an argument with Gabe because she's not happy with the handling of the robbery, and he tells her to leave. The police storm the warehouse after Gabrielle calls the police to inform them about the skinheads' whereabouts. Bubs, the youngest of the skinheads is shot in the head, and Cackles together with Sonny Jim get arrested, while Hando is looking from a window outside and escapes the scene.