Hando is the leader of the Melbourne Skinheads, and is portrayed by Russell Crowe, an actor, film producer, and musician from New Zealand. He is 23 years old, and also very agressive towards people of different races which he thinks are ruining the country, even going as far as hitting vietnamese children, and strangling another one with chains, while Sonny Jim is breaking his fingers, and Magoo is kicking him in the chest. He is also a father figure for Davey, as seen in the film when he covers him with a jacket, and places a towel under his head when he sees him passed out on the stairs. He became a skinhead because he wanted people to know that he is proud of his race, white history, and white blood.

He is a physically fit person which works out regularly, as he is seen doing pull-ups on a ceiling bar in his personal room. He has the word "skinhead" tattooed on his neck, right under his beard. He has tattoos of two swastikas on his back near his shoulders, which have a cross with a skull in the center of it placed in the middle bellow them. His most distinguishable tattoo out of all is the skeleton arm painted in black ink on his left hand that reaches all the way from his hand, to the left side of his neck.

Part played in the entire movie.Edit

He is the main protagonist of the movie, along-side with Davey, which are both introduced in the beginning of the movie with captions that indicate what their names are, unlike any of the other skinheads which's names are found out later on in the film when a fellow skinhead calls them by their name.